About ProjectArmy

Helping service businesses thrive!

You don't need to see statistics for how many amazing businesses fail every year, because you work your butt off every day to get more clients and more sales to maintain a healthy profit - or at least survive.

Life throws challenges your way every day, making your job more demanding and more stressful. You have to run the business, do bookkeeping, deal with employees, reply to clients, deliver services, and everything else to stay in business. So how do you get more clients to be profitable, grow and lead a meaningful life at the same time? It's a constant battle.

A Simple Purpose

Our purpose is simple: to help service businesses thrive.

You struggle because you don't have a trusted partner by your side to help guide you in the right direction for your business, not in the direction of someone else's wallet.

Instead these "agencies" sell you flavor-of-the-month products and services that waste your hard-earned money, time and damage your online presence. They might hear you because they have ears, but they don't listen to you and your needs. You're a transaction to them.

As a marketing consultant, Viktor Nagornyy spent over six years working hand-in-hand with small businesses, giving them an opportunity to grow. Viktor's passion for small service businesses led him to create ProjectArmy in 2011, with a simple yet powerful mandate:

To help small service businesses thrive by helping them create sustainable, profitable growth.

Your business journey is a constant roller coaster, especially in ever changing landscape of online marketing. But you don't have to walk alone, you've done marketing alone long enough.

We will guide you, educate you, and provide solutions tailored to your business needs to help your small service business thrive. Be it a website that actually works, a strategy that you can easily follow to attract and convert ideal clients, or many other marketing services that your business may need to grow.

It all starts with a free heart-to-heart conversation with a marketing pro whose core purpose is your success. But you must commit to your own success, we're not magicians. It all starts with you.

We're Committed to Your Success, Are You?

Start with a genuine heart-to-heart conversation with our marketing expert about your current challenges. We don't dish out best practices you can read on someone else's blog. We give tailored advice based on your business needs.